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European Airlines Improve Financial Performance

A Commission report (The European airline industry: from single market to worldwide challenges) issued on 21 May states that European airlines have improved their financial performance in response to market liberalisation. It also states that fares have been brought down by 10-24% as a result of competition. The Commission says that further streamlining of the regularory regime is necessary however, with bilateral agreements between Member States and non-EU countries hampering further restructuring.

(Originally posted by Jason Campbell)

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Airport Slots

Commissioner Neil Kinnock announced plans to buy and sell take-off slots. In July, British Airways and American Airlines were required to relinquish 267 slots (without compensation) in order to obtain EU approval for their alliance. The plans for buying and selling the slots will require legislative changes and are unlikely to be effected before 2001.

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Milan Airports

The Commission has declared the arrangements for distribution of air traffic between Milan's two airports (a new airport was recently opened) as contrary to EU law. The effect of the arrangements is to give advantage to Alitalia. [IP/98/795]