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Egypt: Minister of Tourism initiates new tourism campaign

After the civil unrest, Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Mounir Fakhry Abdelnour is launching a campaign to bring tourists back to Egypt. The ministry plans to make use of the power of modern communication technology and online and social media to spread the message that Egypt is a safe and secured tourist destination.

A number of European countries have already reduced their travel warnings.

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Israel Tourism Map misleading?

In GoIsrael’s advertising, in brochures as well as website, occupied Palestinian Territories alledgedly are shown as part of Israel. According to an eTN report, the Dutch Advertising Standards Authority (Reclame Code Commissie) agrees with two Dutch activists who have filed a complaint, that GoIsrael’s advertising is misleading and against the Advertising Code. The Committee advises GoIsrael to stop this way of advertising.

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Israeli tour guides permitted to return to Bethlehem

According to an agreement between the Israel Ministry of Tourism and tourism officials in the Palestinian Authority, Israeli tour guides and tour operators have been permitted to return to Bethlehem for the first time in nearly a decade. Prior to this agreement, Israeli guides were not allowed to work in the West Bank but were replaced by Palestinian guides when tours crossed into the West Bank from Israel.

Source: Travel Weekly; find article here>>.