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National Security and Data Protection

Since 5 March 2003, an agreement between the European Commission and United States Customs gives the USA online access to passenger name record (PNR) data of all Europe-based airline carriers for flights that go to, from or through the USA. European privacy protection groups are deeply concerned as airline companies disclose Passenger Name Record data to United States authorities without obtaining passengers' explicit consent.

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Security, Terrorism and Tourists

Since the beginning of March 2003 US immigration authorities are checking all tourists for radioactive material as there is increasing concern of new terrorist activities.

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Freedom of Tourism and Travel Services

Austria’s Administrative Court recently came up with a principle decision regarding freedom to provide services of couriers, escorting travel groups from other EU-countries. Administrative Court held, that such couriers are free to show and explain any national sights to their group, with the only reservation made in regard to museums or historical monuments, which require a specific knowledge of the guide, exceeding the proof of qualification required for tourist guides in general (VwGH 04 Sept.2002, 2000/04/0066)