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Death of Thomas Dickerson

The Hon. Thomas Dickerson of the New York State Supreme Cour died  on 26 July 2018. Judge Dickerson was a colossus of Americana travel and tourismm  law. He authored and regularly updated a major text, was a prolific writer on all aspects of this growing area of  law, and was a great and kind help to newcomers worldwide to travel law. We in  IFTTA extend our condolences and sympathies to Judge Dickerson's wife and family.

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Book Review: The New Package Travel Directive

Editors: V. Franceschelli, Professor, University of Milan Bicocca ; F. Morandi, Professor, University of Sardinia; C. Torres, Professor Adjunct, Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies [ESHTE].

Publisher: ESHTE/INATEL, Portugal, 2017. 596 pages.

Reviewer: Hermes Navarro del Valle, Chief of Tourism Investment; Costa Rica Tourism Board, San José, Costa Rica; Member of United Nations World Tourism Organisation [UNWTO] Working Group on the draft Convention on the Protection of Tourists etc.

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Irish High Court decides against hill-walker injured in fall on boardwalk on mountain slope

The hill-walker fell on a dry day when one foot struck the lip of a hole in a wooden ex-railway sleeper laid as part of a boardwalk in a mountain area of scenic and habitat importance. This caused her to fall forward and her right knee hit raised u-nails hammered into the sleeper and deliberately proud of the surface to prevent slipping in wet conditions. The hole in the sleeper was not wider than her walking boot and resulted from exposure in the open and use over time.

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New Book Review - Turističko pravo/Tourism Law

Authors: Prof. Dr. Dragan Vujisić, Faculty of Law, University of Kragujevac and Doc. Dr. Andrej Mićović, Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja, University of Kragujevac

Reviewer: Snežana Miladinović, Ph.D., Full-time Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Montenegro

The textbook Tourism Law, written in Serbian by Prof. Dr. Dragan Vujisić and Doc. Dr. Andrej Mićović, is one of a number of texts produced by the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. It was published in late 2016.

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Book Review in English and Spanish

Author: Julio Facal, Manual de Derecho Hotelero, AHRU [Asociación de Hoteles y Restaurantes de Uruguay] RUMBO editorial [;], Montevideo, 2016 [2017 second edition, in process];120pp, US $20.

Reviewer:Diego R. Gonzalez. Buenos Aires,. ( President of Worldwide Airport Lawyers Association – WALA.

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Irish Court of Appeal finds airport authority not liable in negligence for passenger fall on moving escalator.

The 64 year old woman who had never been on an escalator before fell on the moving escalator which was taking her up from the check-in area to the departure area. The escalator was found to have been installed and operating normally in compliance with recommended standards and did not amount to an unusual danger. Video footage showed the woman turned to adjust her carry-on bag on the step below her and lift it up onto the step so that it was beside her. The video also showed she was not holding onto the moving handrail when she lost her balance and fell.
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Irish High Court denies compensation to hotel guest who fell out of bedroom window

The High Court held that a hotel guest who had opened his bedroom window to smoke illegally and who fell out of the window [rather than jumping out as had been alleged after a row with his girlfriend] lost his claim for compensation.