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Travel Law Conference in Portugal

Next 7 May, the University of the Algarve
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International Tourism Law Seminar @ Beja (Portugal)

Next Friday, November 6th, the Polytechnic of Beja, in Portugal, will hold an International Seminar on Tourism Law.

Organized with the support of the University of the Balearic Island, in Spain, the event will be focused on the regulation of hospitality, in Portugal and Spain.
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"Commission updates the list of airlines banned from European airspace"

As stated by the EU Press Room, "The European Commission today adopted the update of the so-called blacklist of airlines that are banned from flying into the European Union due to safety concerns. The Commission has imposed a ban on six airlines from Kazakhstan, one airline certified in Thailand, one additional Ukrainian air carrier and on operations of all carriers certified in Benin.
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"First European airlines offering in-flight use of mobile phones thanks to EU-wide ground rules"

According to the EU Press Room, "More and more European air passengers are being offered the choice to use their normal mobile phone to send text messages, browse the web or even make calls on board airplanes.
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"Vice-President Antonio Tajani launches an investigation into lost luggage figures"

According to the EU Press Room, "The lost luggage phenomenon when travelling by air has been brought to the attention of the European Commission. Some recent figures published by the UK Air Transport Council (AUC) confirm the concerns expressed by Vice-President Tajani's, in charge of Transport. Vice-President Tajani decided today to take immediate measures on passenger rights starting with an investigation on the scale of the phenomenon.
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"Brussels, 5 March 2009 Commission adopts new rules for the introduction of personal consignments of animal products into the EU"

According to the EU Press Room, "The European Commission adopted today a Regulation on the introduction into the EU of animal products by travellers. The Regulation will enter into force on 1 May 2009 and replace the rules that are currently in place. This new legislation intends to clearly explain to the general public the rules concerning the introduction of animal products into the European Union.
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"European Commission steps up pressure on airlines to ensure websites selling tickets fully comply with EU law"

According to the EU Press Room, "On the eve of a meeting of 27 national enforcement agencies and stakeholder groups in Brussels, Vice President Tajani, EU Transport Commissioner and EU Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva have stepped up pressure on airline companies selling tickets on the web to meet their legal obligation to fully comply with all the requirements of EU law.
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"Better protection for holiday-makers: Commissioner Kuneva welcomes Parliament's vote on Timeshare"

As stated by the EU Press Room, "Consumers across the EU will benefit from greater holiday protection - when they buy and resell timeshare holidays, or timeshare-like holidays on cruise boats, canal boats, caravans and 'discount holiday clubs' - under new rules endorsed by the European Parliament today.