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Austria: hotel operator not liable for injury of a guest who tried to repair a jamming glass door

The plaintiff who was a former share holder of a hotel company (the defendant) and also the former companion of the defendant's director stayed in the defendant's hotel as a guest, when the director asked him to do her the favour to look for a jamming glass door in the indoor pool area because she couldn't reach any craftsman. When he tried to remove the defective glass door, he got severely injured on his right hand. He sued the hotel company for compensation for pain and suffering. The court of first instance granted the claim.

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Germany: the operator of a hotel review website has no obligation to verify user postings before publishing

In a recent decision the German Kammergericht Berlin held that the operator of a hotel review website has no obligation to verify user postings before publishing. A posting on a Swiss website had suggested that a certain hotel had a bed bug problem. Upon complaint of the hotelier, the operator of the website permanently deleted the posting. Nevertheless the hotelier moved for an interim injunction demanding the website operator to cease and desist from future publication of such allegations.

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US DOT Fines Air Canada for Violating Price Advertising Rules

DOT Fines Air Canada for Violating Price Advertising Rules 

DOT 100-11

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) today fined Air Canada $50,000 for violating the Department’s rules prohibiting deceptive price advertising in air travel. 

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USA: class action suit against YTB reinstated

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Illinois reinstated a class action lawsuit against YTB International, which offers booking websites and travel agent training. The class action is seeking $5 million in damages for more than 100 plaintiffs nationwide against Illinois-based YTB, also known as

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European Union: New Regulation concerning statistics on tourism

Acknowleding a need to improve the availability, completeness and comprehensiveness of the basic tourism statistics, the European Union has published a new Regulation concerning statistics on tourism. The new Regulation 692/2011 repeals the Council Directive 95/57/EC.

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USA: Court of Appeals finds airport body scanners constitutional

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected a constitutional challenge to the government's use of body-imaging scanners at the nation's airports, ruling that the need to detect hidden explosives outweighs the privacy rights of travelers. The judgement noted that passengers may avoid the scans by opting to undergo a pat-down by a screening agent. The ruling was a not a total win for the government. The judges said the TSA had not given the public the required opportunity to comment on the screening program before it was put into effect.

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Humour in Court

The Procurator Fiscal, Aberdeen v Thomas Scott Forrester, [2011] HCJAC 71

The respondent, a police chief Inspector, was charged with dangerous driving after allegedly instructing a police constable driving a police car, in which he was travelling to catch a plane, to put the sirens on and move to the wrong side of the road. When the constable did so, a collision occurred between two cars travelling in the opposite direction.

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Bribery and Corruption

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011. This is a UK-wide statute which I have discussed on the IFTTA

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Czech court refers VAT on travel services to ECJ

The Czech court Nejvyšší Správní Soud referred the following questions to the ECJ: