September 2010

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European Union: legionella blacklist to come?

Following a widespread outbreak of legionella cases in France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and other European tourist destinations, EU health authorities are considerung a black list unless strong measures are scheduled.

Source: PATA; find article here>>.

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USA: Congress panel delays vote on Cuba travel ban

The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee postponed an eagerly awaited vote on lifting the ban on travel to Cuba. Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman (D-Calif.) said lawmakers had too busy a schedule to allow a debate and vote on the Cuba measure. Those supporting the lifting of the ban had hoped the bill would at least get out of the committee to the full House of Representatives before midterm elections in November, in which the Democrats might loose their majority in the House.

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Belgium: judicial review of airlines' contractual conditions

The Belgium consumer association Test-Achats claimed that the websites and contractual conditions of three airlines - Brussels Airlines, Ryanair and EasyJet - were incompatible with Belgium's fair trading legislation which inter alia implements EU Directive 2005/29 on unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices.

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Award damages for "stress, inconvenience, frustration and disruption" to their holiday as a result of delayed baggage

O'Carroll v Ryanair, Sheriff Court, 2008

R appealed against a decision of the Sheriff Court to award damages against it for "stress, inconvenience, frustration and disruption" to their holiday as a result of delayed baggage. The appeal was to the Sheriff Principal of Grampian, Highland and Islands at Aberdeen. The pursuer represented himself and his wife in the Small Claims procedure in the Sheriff Court but also in the appeal before the Sheriff Principal and was commended by the latter in how he conducted his case.

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Rocket rides to the International Space Station

MINNEAPOLIS – Boeing and a space tourism company announced a deal on Wednesday to sell tickets on rocket rides to the International Space Station. Now Boeing just has to build a spaceship.

Space Adventures Ltd. has already been selling seats aboard the Russian-built Soyuz spaceship. Its last passenger was Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, who paid $35 million for a 10-day trip.

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Australia: Queensland Supreme Court decides in air terminal accident case

Plaintiff, during the process of embarkation for a Jetstar flight from Brisbane to Adelaide, was directed to descend a flight of stairs within the terminal to access the tarmac for boarding. Having descended the stairs, he was unable to find an open door giving access to the tarmac and therefore began to ascend the stairs to ask Jetstar’s staff which way he should go. At the same time, a number of other passengers were descending the stairs and offered to show palintiff the way. Plaintiff turned, lost his footing and fell to the foot of the stairs, injuring himself.

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Russia to resume space tourism after 2013

Russia stopped sending tourists to space last year because of lack of space in the International Space Station (ISS) after the crew has increased from three to six. RIA Novosti now reports that Russian Federal Space Agency plans to send Soyuz spacecraft with two space tourists to the International Space station (ISS) after 2013. The two tourists will be joined by a Russian professional space crew commander.

Find article here>>.

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New UNWTO report highlights impact of demographic change on tourism

Demographic change will have major implications for the tourism sector over the coming decades, but also presents important opportunities. This is among the central findings of the recently published UNWTO/European Travel Commission (ETC) report on ‘Demographic Change and Tourism’.

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ETOA warns against excessive expectations in London Olympics

The European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) released a statement warning that dreams of Olympic tourism could turn to nightmares. ETOA's research and analysis shows that the vast numbers of foreign visitors anticipated to arrive at previous Olympics did not materialise. No host city has predicted demand for an Olympics correctly.

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UK: Office of Fair Trading to investigate hotel prices

After months of lobbying from a discount website, the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has started an investigation on whether some hotels have put pressure on third parties to raise their rates. Hotel rooms are often sold through websites at rates far lower than those offered by travel agents or the hotels themselves, because these websites operate on lower profit margins.