March 2010

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Qatar Airways announces new South American flights.

Qatar Airways announced that it will begin daily flights to Brazil and Argentina from June 24, marking the airline’s first online operations to South America. With the airline’s acquisition of two brand new Boeing 777-200 Long Range aircraft in the last three months, these will be deployed on the two South American routes – to the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo and Argentine capital Buenos Aires this summer.
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USA/Texas: limited airline liability for injury caused by other passenger

In Wright v. American Airlines, Inc. (N.D. Tex. Feb. 8, 2010), during the aircraft’s climb flight, and while the “fasten seat belt” light was on, a passenger stood up to remove an item from an overhead compartment. An object fell down and struck another passenger on his head, injuring him.

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German Supreme Court: no compensation for flight cancellation due to bad weather condidtions

Plaintiff had booked a flight from XRY (Jerez, Spain) to HHN (Hahn, Germany) for himself and his wife for Oct. 25, 2007 with Ryan Air. Departure was scheduled 10:00 a.m.. Due to foggy conditions at XRY, the flight was cancelled. The aircraft landed in SVQ (Sevilla, Spain) and returned to HHN from there. Plaintiff and his wife were offered an alternative flight on Oct. 27 which they refused. They booked a flight from MAD (Madrid, Spain) to FFM (Frankfurt, Germany) for Oct. 25 instead.
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English Holday Camp Case

Atkins v Butlin’s Skyline Ltd., 27 May 2005
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English Hotel Employment Case

Hone v Six Continents Retail Ltd. [2005] EWCA Civ 922
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English Travel Law Case: Coach Travel

Welsh v Messenger, 13 September 2005, [CLYB] 2875
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English Travel Law Case

Clough v First Choice Holidays and Flights Ltd. [2006] EWCA Civ. 15
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Evaluation of Regulation 261/2004/EC

The final report (110 pages) as of February 2010 made by Steer Davies Gleave / London for the European Commission DG Transport can be found and downloaded here: