March 2006

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Aviation blacklist published

The EU Commission's Aviation Blacklist has been published in the Official Journal 24 March 2006 . The publication of the list will allow passengers to make informed choices even when they travel outside the EU, in countries where these flight bans do not apply. The preparation and finalisation of the list is the result of successful co-operation between the Commission, the Member States and the European Parliament.

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European sky protected against unsafe airlines

The European Commission has today adopted the first EU list of airlines which are banned in the European Union. This black list of unsafe airlines will now be published on the Commission’s website. The black list has been compiled on the basis of national contributions and after an in-depth analysis with Member State experts. The list consists of 92 companies which face a complete ban and 3 companies which face operational restrictions. From now on the principle will apply that companies banned in one Member State are banned in the whole EU.

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No subsequent review of decisions contrary to Community Law

In judgement C-234/04 of 16th March 2006 European Court of Justice ruled that a national court does not have an obligation under EC law to re-open and set aside a judicial decision which has become final, even if that decsision turns out to be contrary to Community Law.